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About Us | Free Music Lessons for Military Personnel and Their Families

About Us

"It occurred to me by intuition, and music was the driving force behind that intuition, my discovery was the result of musical perception. "

- Albert Einstein on his theory of relativity

About Us

Mission – Use Music to fight PTSDs, develop creativity and a potential income source for military personnel and their families.

Vision – Provide music as a lifelong therapy to all military personnel and their families, at no financial cost to them.

Core Values
a. Convenience
b. Professional
c. Integrity
d. Goal-oriented

The Warrior Second Wind is about helping America’s soldiers and their families enhance the quality of their lives with the use of music. Specifically, we want to use music to combat stress disorders, or PTSD. We understand that an entire family can suffer because of what a loved one has been through while serving in the military. With the use of music as personal therapy, we can help our soldiers return to a healthy and productive life with a lot less stress.

The Warrior Second Wind firmly believes that everybody is born with a desire to be creative, out of need or just for fun. Music therapy has been in use for decades. Actually, for thousands of years. But way back then it wasn’t called therapy. It was a part of normal life. And every culture in the world has it’s own forms of music. Today, we have research that shows nothing but positive results in the health benefits of music. The healing power of music is nothing new, we just need to use it. And besides, it’s fun to play an instrument or just sing. Everybody does it at some time in their lives.

The staff at The Warrior Second Wind can teach you how to play drums, guitar, piano, saxophone, trumpet, violin, singing, and more. We can even help you compose and arrange music, record your own original songs. We also provide back-up musicians, sound and light systems, and tech support for your gigs. As we grow, we will even provide instruments for your personal use . Our lesson plans are created by college educated, Texas state-certified teachers, licensed music therapists, and experienced instructors. All with a combined experience of over thirty years of playing and teaching.

So, if you want to play a musical instrument for fun, play in a rock band, write and record your own music, or just find relief from stress and frustration we can and will help you do that. If your child needs help with their school band music, or wants to join the band program we can help. But most of all, we want to serve our veterans, active duty or retired, and their families. And disabilities won’t stop us.

Our men and women in uniform served, and still serve all of us. The Warrior Second Wind wants to serve them. At no cost to them, and as convenient as possible. To do this, we will go to the student’s home, visit them in the hospital, set up a classroom on the base, VFW halls, or any approved location. Our plans also include web cam lessons to reach as many of our soldiers as possible. Anywhere.

The Warrior Second Wind is on a mission. We want to help our warriors catch their second wind in running the race of life, to finish strong. We are humbled and proud to serve them.