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Music Lesson Plans | Free Music Lessons for Military Personnel and Their Families

Music Lesson Plans

"You use a glass mirror to see yourself. You use works of art to see your soul. "

- George Bernard Shaw

Music Lesson Plans

All lessons are planned, researched, and reviewed by our team of professional, state certified teachers, licensed music therapists, and well- experienced instructors who also perform in public. From brass to strings, drums to wood winds, electric and acoustic guitars, synthesizers and acoustic pianos, you name it, we got you covered.

First, we will discuss your music goals, and then how to help you achieve them. We will teach and coach you at a pace that works for you. Lessons are available on a one-to-one or group basis. If you want to play in a group like a rock or pop band, or even a cappella vocal or string ensemble, we can get the show on the road for you. A brass group is always fun.

Our lesson plans include teaching technique, reading, theory, composition, ear training, and even recording and arranging. It sounds like a lot of stuff, but it’s all good stuff. And there’s no hurry to learn it all. We want to get you playing and experimenting with your instrument first. Then ease you into what will help you get closer to your goal. Kids who want to play in a school music program, but cannot get private lessons, or an instrument can take lessons from us, at no cost to their parents. They will get the help they need from a band director, or even a choir director. These teachers have experience in public and private school systems, from elementary through high school.

One of our guides for planning music lessons is the Texas Music Educators Association. We also follow research in the health and wellness fields that focus on music as a health benefit.
And speaking of going on the road, at least locally for starters, we will not only help you get your band started, we will also arrange for venues to perform at. And we even provide all the necessary sound and lighting equipment, and technicians, whatever it takes to make your musical experience one of the most enjoyable moments in your life. For personal leisure or therapy, we all could benefit from making music. Make it for you and your family.

No matter what, we want to help you get more out of life. And music has always been a good part of it. Make it part of yours. Remember, the Warrior Second Wind wants to serve our soldiers, retired, active, or disabled, and their families. After all, they have served the rest of us