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It is with great pleasure that I recommend Mr. Eric Lopez to you as a piano and music teacher. He came highly recommended to us by family friends, and we have not been disappointed. Mr. Lopez teaches both my niece, age 10, and my 15 year old daughter.

I am tremendously grateful to him for everything he has taught the girls, and the joy their music has brought to our family.

Rebeca Rodriguez

Stressing the importance of music appreciation and self-discovery, Mr. Lopez’s years of experience shine through in his effective, committed, and patient teaching. After 5 years with him I have grown into a significantly more confident and prepared musician.

MSgt Norbert Cunningham, USAF, Ret

Eric Lopez is a very dedicated sincere and hard-working teacher who would work with students at all levels. His passion for music shows when he is teaching my kids every time. He comes from a military family and wants to contribute to help them every possible way. I am thankful for brining music in our lives.

Captain Roger Marshall

Life is tough for us in the military and music has helped us sooth our souls. I started the music lessons with Mr. Eric Lopez for my kids but soon all of us got into learning music. I never realized that music can have such a positive impact in our lives as we communicate much better as a family now and have our own little band. Thank you Mr. Lopez

Catherine Rodriguez